What is WordPress And How Does It Work? | Explained for Beginners (2020)



You Came Here It Means You Might Think What Is WordPress Or You See The Name WordPress From Any Blog Or Probably You Heard That You Can Build A Website Using WordPress. But How??


In This Video I Will Describe In-Depth About:


  1. What Is WordPress?
  2. How Does It Work?
  3. How You Can Make A Website Using It?


#1 So, What Is WordPress?


WordPress Is One Of The World’s Most Popular And Simple Website Creation Tools Or Web Publishing Software Existence Today.


Since It Was Released In 2003, WordPress Has Become One Of The Most Powerful Content Management System Called CMS Platforms. Nowadays WordPress Is By Far The Most Popular CMS With 63.2% Of The CMS Market Share.


In Fact, WordPress Powers Over 35.4% Of The Entire Web. Yes – More Than One In Third Websites That You Visit Are Likely Powered By WordPress.


With WordPress, you can Create:

1.Business websites

  1. eCommerce stores
  2. Blogs
  3. Portfolios
  4. Resumes
  5. Forums
  6. Social networks
  7. Membership sites


Pretty much anything you can imagine….you can convert it into reality within Minutes.


And Here The Best Part: It’s 100% Free! It’s Both Free To Use And Free To Modify. 


Now, you might think. Why It’s FREE??


Because WordPress Is An Open-Source And Online Website Creation Tool Which was Written In PHP Programming Languages. 


Thanks To Its Open-Source Community. There Are Thousands Of Developers & Software Engineers: Who Are Working Every Single Day To Make WordPress Better & Esser.


The Most Interesting Part Of WordPress Is: You can make a website like this #within a 1-Sample click. Yeah! You heard Right.


There are  4,000+ free Layouts called Themes And 55,000+ Free Functionality called Plugins are available on the WordPress Directory. The plugins make WordPress the most powerful compared to the other  CMS. And also, WordPress is Available More Than 100+ Languages.


Just because it’s an Online server base software So you can build your website anywhere you want. You just need internet connections.


#2 How Does WordPress Work?


Back In the days if anyone wants to build a website!

He would definitely need to know HTML(For Markup Website Layout), CSS(For Whole Design), PHP(For Server-side scripting & Communicate), Javascript(For Functionalities) And Most Important Database(For all data Stored) After seeing the Database: I think You will never want to create a Website from scratch. It’s complicated. 


But in WordPress, Everything is the same except NO CODING! It means WordPress will do all the things and code for you automatically and update the website if you make any changes.


With the help of Page Builder, You can create a website like this##!  OR You can Convert Any of your imagination into reality within Minutes. The beauty of WordPress is You Never need to touch the Coding. 


#How You Can Make A Website Using WordPress?


To create a website you need A


  1. Domain name – A domain name is the address of your website OR URL to visit People on your website. for example, Mine is faysalbanna.com


  1. Web Hosting –  Web hosting is the place where all of Your Data & files will be stored and also maintain your Website site 24/7.


Nowadays Every hosting Provider Already Has the pre-install WordPress software on their server. Within 1-Click You can Install the WordPress on your Website.


After just choosing a theme/Layout Accounting to your Business and also Install that theme. After a little bit of customization OR Change the Logo and Text Within 3-5 minutes, BOOM! Your Website Will be Ready and live on the Internet.


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But after Searching WordPress on Google, you will be a little bit confused. Because Of WordPress.COM And WordPress.ORG


So, On My Next Post, I will Describe In-Depth about WordPress.COM VS WordPress.ORG!


Till Then Don’t be confused. In this whole video, I talk about WordPress.ORG!


Thank you so much for reading the Post!


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